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(Appointed - 1.10.14)


Tim has been involved as a community governor for the past 3 years and has just been elected as The Chair of Trustees. He is also now a company member in his capacity as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

He has a Masters in Chemical Engineering (M.ENG) and an MBA in Business Administration. Having worked for EXXONMobil for over 25 years he has experience in Project Management and Business management, using these skills in roles across the UK. Being the Chairman of PLC who manage Esso Aviation operations in the UK , he is able to bring key business principles and management structures to the board.







(Appointed - 1.10.14)


As an alumni Matthew was delighted to become a member of the Inspire Learning Partnership.  He currently runs his own business as a business consultant specialising in digital channels.

He has a particular interest in supporting the Trust with its business strategy and customer service. He has done this successfully for the Arcadia Group as their first (and third) Group e-Commerce Director, Dyson and British Car Auctions.










(Appointed - 28.9.16)


Aldred Drummond is the owner of the Cadland Estate which has been in the family since 1770. The Estate is a diverse business whose operations include farming, forestry, residential, commercial property and the beaches of Calshot and Lepe and currently employs twenty full time staff. In 2015 Aldred formed the company Fawley Waterside Ltd that acquired Fawley Power Station and is in the process of creating plans for its redevelopment as a new settlement with around 1500 homes. The ambition is also to rebalance employment opportunities lost through the closure of the Power Station and a reduction of workers at Fawley Refinery, attracting first class companies to the southern waterside. Fawley Waterside Ltd also have plans for the opening of a primary school to serve new residents and the existing community.


Aldred is a partner at Long Harbour, a London based real estate and investment fund manager with significant interest in all forms of residential property. Aldred was a former pupil at Marchwood Primary School and has had subsequent involvement through his previous work in Northamptonshire where his company was the joint sponsor of Corby Business Academy. Aldred has a keen long term interest in the success of the local community.





(Appointed - 18.1.17)


Fiona joins us with experience in school leadership, local authority, advisory work and national and international education consultancy.


Fiona is currently completing her Doctorate in Education, she sits on a number of education boards in a non-executive director role, and has a regular column for Headteacher Update magazine.